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10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

10) Budgeting Expertise: A professional wedding planner will have worked in the wedding industry for quite a number of years. They are familiar with what expected and fair costs will be, as well as the difference in value. An experienced wedding planner can help you to navigate around all of the confusions of wedding vendor price tags and create a balanced budget that revolves around your personal wedding priorities.

9) Sounding Board: Your wedding planner or coordinator is a huge resource for creative ideas. Part of the wedding planners job is to listen carefully to your personal vision for your wedding day feel and style; and then to help your dreams become a reality be bringing their creativity, connections, and experience into the mix.

8) Big Picture Planning: Once you book your wedding site, you will normally be in touch with the wedding venues on-site wedding coordinator to help with logistics for your wedding day. This is NOT the same as having an independent wedding planner. The on-site coordinator is usually the catering manager for the venue, whose job it is to ensure that everything with regards to the facilities runs smoothly. They are very helpful, but are not responsible for helping your creative ideas flow and do not even begin to provide the scope of services an independent wedding planner will provide.

7) Mediator: A great planner/ coordinator can act as a mediator when sticky family or relational situations pop up. Everyone knows that it is impossible to please everyone all the time, especially when it comes to planning your wedding. A planner is a neutral individual to whom it is safe to point to for direction. It is much easier to say to your soon to be mother-in-law, “the wedding planner thinks it is best for us to…”, or to have your planner contact guests who have abused their RSVP with more individuals than invited.

6) Enjoyable Process: Most brides that choose to plan the wedding themselves often feel the same sentiment when the wedding day rolls around, “I just can’t wait for the whole process to be over”. Every moment of planning your dream wedding should be a joy. A great wedding planner will help make the entire process enjoyable and fun, comfortably handling the stressful details on your behalf.

5) Background: Besides a wealth of wedding knowledge, wedding planners will be able to tell you who the “best” vendors are. They’ll know who is professional, creative, and trusted within the industry. When starting to plan a wedding, it’s often very hard for a bride-to-be to discern what makes a good wedding vendor a good one, and what makes for a less desirable one. Wedding planner referrals are ESSENTIAL when you have to place such a high degree of trust in a wedding vendor that you have no previous knowledge of or experience with.

4) Extensive Knowledge Base: In most instances, this will be your first time planning a wedding. A rooted and established local wedding planner has likely been in the wedding industry for years, having planned possibly hundreds of weddings, and are industry experts when it comes to wedding day protocol, etiquette, and what it takes to put on a successful event of this magnitude.

3) Day-of Time Line: The successful execution of your wedding day time line relies upon the mutual coordination and efforts of many different wedding vendors and professionals working together seamlessly. Your wedding planner understands how each vendor’s responsibilities overlap and rely upon other vendors expected performance and they act as General, coordinating the complexities of a time line full of moving parts while you focus on getting ready for your special day.

2) Save $$$: It’s common to save enough money by tapping into the experience and resources of your planner that the savings more than cover the cost of hiring the planner. You could restate this as “Your planner is worth their weight in GOLD”

And the #1 Reason to Hire a Wedding Planner:
1) Stressfulness:
Speaking with any wedding professional who has worked with Do-It-Yourself brides and brides that hire well-known professional wedding planners, they will tell you that the difference in stress levels between the two brides is palpable. When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most important assurances you can have is that you will be able to relax and enjoy the fruit of all of your labor. Remember, you are the bride! You don’t want to also act as the go-to person for the day-of issues and questions that inevitably come up. Hiring an experienced wedding planner allows you and all of your beloved family and guests to live in the moment, watching your wedding day unfold beautifully as your planner works behind the scenes to keep all the wheels turning. Your wedding will be one of the most unforgettable days of your entire life! Remember it as a joy and enjoy it to the fullest!

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