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Would you like to keep it more intimate and having 50 of your closest friends and families in a very romantic setting?  Are you planning on having 80 people on the beach?  Make it a party! Are you looking to invite 200 + people to your wedding and want to keep cost down but keep the fun level at a maximum high?  Or are you looking for the perfect in between maybe 150 people, in a gorgeous venue, picture perfect and a night to remember?

All weddings are glamorous in their own way.  At the end of the day you and your significant other will be sitting down, reflecting back on your day and will be smiling because it was what YOU wanted.

We want you to be comfortable with the reflection your wedding has on you as a couple.  This is a big day and the day two families merge, it’s all about you!  At K Marie, we are an unbiased party.  Is your mother traditional and your like to be a little more trendy?  Is your maid of honor living out her dreams through your wedding?  This situations happen and it’s very important to have someone un biased looking out for you.