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When looking to see if you’re going to hire a wedding planner we hear the same thing very often: “Our venue has a wedding coordinator so we’re all set.”  Venue coordinators are great to have and essential, however they are there the day of at the venue and at the end of the day the lock the doors behind you and don’t look back.

Your wedding planner is a part of the process 100% for you!  They learn that mom dad gets emotional and he may need an extra tissue or two (note to planner: pack tissues for dad).  They know that your photographer is important to you (note to planner: carry a back up list of pictures to take and ensure they are captured).  They know that it’s important to you that your vendors share the same meal as the rest of the guest (note to planner: coordinate with the venue planner and ensure this happens!).  There have been many times when a caterer will give the vendors chicken fingers and fries instead of the surf and turf entree served to the other guest.

You focus on being the good cop, you enjoy your special day, dance the night away, take all the pictures you want, mingle with your guest, have a heart to heart with your best friends in the bathroom.  Let K Marie take the reigns and represent you and your loved on and have a wedding like no other!